Prevent the Trace help files

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Prevent the Trace is a search-based alternate reality game. While it is possible to play Prevent the Trace with Google or Bing, I recommend playing it with Swagbucks Search (note that they compensate me for referring new members). Searching with Swagbucks can lead to you earning gift cards, if set up correctly. I think it's really cool that playing an alternate reality game could reward you.

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This alternate reality game is intended to be low bandwidth, playable in well under 1GB of data usage, which is about one-quarter of one gig. while you may choose to watch supporting video, such as TED Talks, YouTube, or iTunes U courses, that is your own option.

Default your search by following the instructions on the Swagbucks website.

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View the Minimum PC System Requirements for the ARG (alternate reality game). PC or Pi preferred.

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