Top 10 List of Lists on Saving Money, Being Frugal, and Living Cheap


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Living Cheap

I don't particular like the word cheap, I much prefer the word frugal, but in the end its all about saving money while still living decently. In moving into a new apartment, I wanted to start out by saving money on electricity, which was a bill I personally (not being Amish, although in Lancaster County, or a being a survivalist) could not eliminate.

The "Lightbulb" Going Off for Ideas

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My base costs were the refrigerator, the microwave clock, and my alarm clock. I was going to count my kilowatts from there. I had originally replaced incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs in a prior move to save a significant chunk of change on electricity, and I decided to switch out a few bulbs in my new place to LED lighting. It's funny, because a lot of the web sites on saving money from a few years ago mention switching to CFL light bulbs, and its difficult to find CFL bulbs at my local Walmart, they've been replaced with LED bulbs almost entirely. And for great money saving reasons. And it points out that some money saving ideas can change fairly quickly over time.

Let's Start Saving Money

At home, we probably don't have a hundred bills per month we could be saving money on, but that said, there are probably a thousand potential bills to save money on depending on your lifestyle and your circumstance. In a list of 50, maybe only 5 money saving tips might apply to us. But even if only 1 in 10 tips saves us money, reading a hundred money saving tips will truly add up and help us live more on the non-derogatorily "cheap" side.

On to the Top 10 Lists of Lists for Saving Money

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